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  • Metalwork Filter Media

  • Category:Liquid Filter Media
  • Application: Metalwork fluids filtration.
  • Product Information: The foaming, sludge and other impurities in the metalwork fluids reduce the fluids’ life and efficiency for improper maintenance. The fluids may lose efficacy for anaerobe growing from the foaming. The filters play a vital role to maintain the metalwork fluids’ life and efficacy.
  • Features:
    1. High tensile strength. Small coefficient of variation, advanced web technologies enable high and constant strength.
    2. High efficiency. The combination of polyester fiber and polymer makes the filter meets strict efficiency requirements.
    3. Chemical resistant, working temperature up to 120 C.
    4. Withstand mechanical and temperature impact. High wet strength.
    5. Porous structure, high flow rate, low resistance and high dirt-loading extend filter life and reduce operation costs.
  • Others:

    Technical parameter:

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