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  • PP Melt Blown + PET Composite (I)

  • Category:Air Filter Media (I)
  • Application: Non-partition V-bank filter, cabin filter, vacuum cleaner, air purifier and facial mask.
  • Product Information: JK-P% series HEPA composites have high tensile, high pressure resistance. The efficiency ranges from 99.95% to 99.995%.
  • Features:
    (1)Safe, no VOC, and light weight.
    (2)Long-lasting electrostatic charges.
    (3)Flame retardant, can be used for UL-2 class filter.
    (4)Hydrophobic, inert to microbe.
    (5)High melting point(167-174℃), stable physical and chemical properties.
  • Others:

    Technical parameter:

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