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  • PET Support Scrim

  • Category:Air Support Scrim
  • Application: (1) High air permeability and low resistance - the tests, on the composite of our PET support scrim and PP melt blown, indicate 10% increase on efficiency and 20% reduction on resistance. The difference reduces your energy consumption.
    (2) High stiffness - the PET support scrim stands higher air pressure after pleating.
    (3) High tensile strength - it enhances filter lifetime by better resisting tear, burst and pull forces.
    (4) Superior physical and chemical stabilities enables a longer filter lifetime.
    (5) Good uniformity, high strength - good for various kinds of filter system such as cabin, air purifiers, HVAC and clean room.
  • Product Information: MGJC is new series material used to compound with PP melt blown materials.
    High efficiency filter media can be widely used in the production and processing of various types of pleated air filtration terminal products, various types of cabin filter, home air purifier.
  • Features:
    High air permeability, low resistance, high stiffness, superior heat resistance.
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    Technical Parameter:

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